lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Porfiado, de sombrero...

«This supposed general question is really just a spurious question of a type which commonly arises in philosophy. We may call it the fallacy of asking about ‘‘nothing-in-particular’’ which is a practice decried by the plain man, but by the philosopher called ‘‘generalizing’’ and regarded with some complacency. Many other examples of the fallacy can be found: take, for example, the case of ‘‘reality’’—we try to pass from such questions as ‘‘How would you distinguish a real rat from an imaginary rat?’’ to ‘‘What is a real thing?’’, a question which merely gives rise to nonsense.»

Austin, J. L. [1940] 1961, (pp. 57-58) The meaning of a word. In Philosophical Papers. Oxford: Clarendon  Press. 
(Citado en: Livingston, 2008)